System Restore Software for Multi-user Computing Environment

IT professionals managing shared computers face challenges like system misconfiguration, malicious software activity and prolonged system downtime. Deploying instant system restore software like Deep Freeze can ensure 100% workstation recovery on each reboot, helping IT staff achieve more with less efforts.

With increasing demand for computer-aided services, public places like libraries, hotels, and transport terminals have started providing computers with uninterrupted internet connection to ensure customer satisfaction. Technology is also controlling critical systems accessed by various users, such as electricity grids, airline routes, law enforcement network, financial markets, and communication lines. With such growing business and operational dependence on computer-based operations, it is crucial for IT professionals to ensure 100% system availability and operability. However, maintaining fully functional and secure systems in multi-user computing environment poses its own set of IT challenges.

Challenges faced by IT in a multi-user environment

In a multi-user computing setting, systems are accessed by many users with different requirements which makes the systems more vulnerable to configuration drifts. There are users who are not aware of the consequences that  an accidental keystroke or alteration might have on the Operating System (OS). They might end up making random changes which leaves the networked computers with faulty configurations. Downloading and running unauthorized applications/files on the system is also very common among users of public access systems, that can allow malware to intrude the system and bring down its performance. It is a serious concern for multi-user systems, as it can even result in crashing the OS in the long-run.

In majority of the cases, IT professionals take recourse to the system lockdown approach that helps them prevent malware issues to some extent, but severely restricts users’ technological environment. Further, locking down computers does not provide much aid in resolving inconsistency in configurations across the network systems, for which IT administrators need to go through an intensive process of checking each workstation and reconfiguring them. Frequent instances of system breakdown and prolonged downtime also can result in mounting IT tickets and operating costs. In certain computing environments, as commonly found in government and financial agencies, IT administrators need to provide users with the freedom to use applications and programs as they see fit to perform their mission-critical jobs. This makes IT professionals look for effective measures that can ensure safe usage of shared systems, while providing an open and consistent computing environment to users.

How Instant System Restore Software helps in Multi-user Computing Environment

Using an instant system restore software based on reboot to restore technology can provide a better and more effective alternative to manual management of workstations. Such software offers more flexibility to the IT team by allowing them to set and control a baseline configuration across all systems per the corporate security standards. It also enables employees, visitors and patrons to have the freedom to use the workstations as they want to. When the system is rebooted, the solution quickly restores the systems back to the baseline as defined by IT admins, and reverts all user-made changes. Users are thus provided with a more open and unrestricted technological environment, while systems remain always protected against various threats.

Deep Freeze is a market-leading system restore software based on the non-restrictive, reboot to restore technology, which ensures instant and 100% system recovery upon each reboot.

Deep Freeze and the Power of Reboot to Restore Technology

Deep Freeze is one of the core product offerings of Faronics Corporation which has been a pioneer of the reboot to restore technology since 1999. This instant system restore software provides IT admins with the ability to standardize configuration in public access systems and avoid frequent system breakdowns. The reboot to restore capability of Deep Freeze allows it to transfer access data on an allocation table instead of storing them on the hard drive. When the system is restarted, this data is no longer referenced, and the system is taken back to its original baseline configuration as set by IT admins.

This simple-yet-effective system restoration mechanism of Deep Freeze not only provides more usage freedom to users, but also empowers them to resolve common system issues themselves. If a computer malfunctions, they can quickly restart to restore the system to its clean state. With each restart, all changes are reversed – intentional or accidental. Consequently, Deep Freeze also considerably reduces the IT workload, and provides the professionals with better scope to focus on more complex and high tech tasks.  This system restore software also offers a centralized console which makes it easy for IT admins to remotely configure, manage and update multiple workstations in different locations.

Why Organizations Across Globe Trust Deep Freeze: Benefits

Deep Freeze is the most preferred system restore solution for businesses around the world, primarily due to its robust capabilities of preserving IT-desired workstation configurations and making system endpoints virtually indestructible. The benefits of its reboot to restore technology is not limited to helping global organizations better manage IT challenges commonly found in multi-user computing environments. With Deep Freeze, enterprises can achieve more effective business outcomes with minimal efforts:

Prevention of Configuration Drifts: When Deep Freeze is deployed on a system, IT administrators can be rest assured that the computers will never stray away from their baseline configuration. A simple reboot is enough to restore the system to its pristine state.

Ensuring seamless business operations: By reversing all unwanted changes from workstations with a restart, Deep Freeze provides optimal system performance and 24*7 system uptime. This enables organizations keep their business operations running without any interruptions.

Reduced Dependency on IT: Deep Freeze allows end-users to resolve system issues by themselves on reboot, without getting into any time-intensive IT ticket resolution cycles. Customers using Deep Freeze have reported up to 63% reduction in their IT service tickets.

Optimal OS support: Deep Freeze runs well on the latest versions of both Mac and Windows OS versions, while supporting older versions like Window XP and Vista as well, which makes it an ideal solution for diverse multi-user computing environments.

Increased Productivity: Deep Freeze offers better business resilience by bringing workstations back to their original state with a quick restart. By ensuring fewer support calls and no downtime, it helps employees work more efficiently and complete jobs on time.

IT admins can experience the power of Deep Freeze ‘reboot to restore technology’ with a  30-day free trial. To know more about the product and its functionalities, visit